About Us

About Us

Our Haunted Heritage is the passion project for 4 ghost hunters. The goal is to document the history of lesser-known, yet fascinating, places before we lose them to the modern world.

To do that, the team performs historical research into the site to find what really happened there, and who may remain behind. History has a voice, and these ghosts still have stories to tell. This team aspires to capture them for a new generation.

The Haunted Heritage Team

Michael (Mike) Morin works in law enforcement. He is the lead investigator of The Paranormal Roadtrippers. Mike uses his training to connect dots, collect evidence, identify suspected ghosts, and help solve any cold cases associated with the location.

Melissa Becker is an ace haunted historian. She can find anything about a place. Melissa sleuths around the archives and historical records to get the most minute details about who may haunt a location, why the remain behind, and what they want in death. Melissa works freelance and helps a variety of paranormal research teams.

Jacob (Jake) Rice is a paranormal documentarian. He has the cameras and ghost hunting gadgets to capture evidence of the past and make it visible in the present. Jake also puts the story together that helps preserve haunted historical places for new generations. You may know Jake as Ghostly Activities.

Sandra Marlena (former member) is a spirit communications expert and sensitive. When she feels spirits may be near, she uses cutting-edge paranormal tech to speak to them and capture their voices.