Welcome To Our Haunted Heritage

Welcome To Our Haunted Heritage

Our Haunted Heritage follows a team of paranormal investigators that seek to preserve the voices of the past. Everyday, we lose a bit of our heritage to the modern world. Ghost towns are destroyed for modern apartment buildings. Developers gut Wild West hotels, and communities let historical buildings fall apart because they don’t have the resources to preserve them.

The Haunted Heritage team seeks to raise awareness of these sites through ghost hunts. By capturing ghostly evidence, it spurs the public’s interest in historical location, and that can help save it before it vanishes.

The Haunted Heritage team includes:

  • Michael (Mike) Morin – a paranormal detective who connects the dots for past crimes
  • Melissa Becker – a haunted historian that digs deep to get to the real history of a haunted place
  • Sandra Marlena – a sensitive who uses cutting-edge tech to communicate with spirits and capture their voices
  • Jacob (Jake) Rice – a documentarian who records it all and finds the ghostly evidence

Join the team as they race around the Pacific Northwest to document the history and ghosts of our haunted heritage!

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