Greenwood | A Ghost Hunting Documentary

Greenwood | A Ghost Hunting Documentary

Hi gang. We’d like to present our newest paranormal documentary, Greenwood. It was filmed in the historic town, Greenwood, in British Columbia, Canada. Check it out after the jump.

Greenwood Ghost Hunting Documentary

In September 2023, The Paranormal Roadtrippers headed to Greenwood, BC to investigate hauntings in the Greenwood Community Association (McArthur Centre) and Greenwood Museum (City Hall). There may be as many as 5 ghosts in both locations.

Maureen Grant (Greenwood Tours) joined the investigation and provided dark historical references to help The Paranormal Roadtrippers set up experiments and capture evidence of ghostly activity.

This documentary features:

  • Mike Morin (Lead Investigator)
  • Sandra Marlena (Sensitive/ITC Specialist)
  • Maureen Grant (Greenwood Tours)

It was edited by Jacob Rice of Ghostly Activities.

Special thanks to:

  • Greenwood Tours
  • Greenwood Community Association
  • Greenwood Museum & Visitor Centre
  • The City of Greenwood
  • The Copper Eagle
  • … and the best lodging in town because they didn’t want to make a fuss about it

Let us know what you think of the documentary in the comments below.

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