Killer Curiosities | A Serial Killer Haunted Object Investigation

Killer Curiosities | A Serial Killer Haunted Object Investigation

In the paranormal documentary, Killer Curiosities, a team of ghost hunters test collectibles from the most notorious serial killers. Their goal is to uncover what spirits have attached to them. Watch the documentary after the jump.

Killer Curiosities Paranormal Documentary

Film Summary

Taylor James, the owner of Cult Collectibles, contacted Mike Morin to investigate his apartment after strange incidents occurred. Along a shelf, objects like a bible and other serial killer collectibles would get thrown to the floor by something unseen.

Morin contacted a local ghost hunting team, Vancouver Paranormal Society, to assist with the investigation. Over the course of 2022, the combined team used paranormal research methods to find out who’s attached to the murderabilia.

3 Paranormal Evidence Collecting Sessions Conducted Over 2022

Session 1 used the Estes Method to contact serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate cult), Armin Meiwes’s victims, and John Wayne Gacy.

In Session 2, the team used traditional ghost hunting methods like automatic writing, Ouija boards, and an EVP session to contact Herbert Mulling, Charles Manson, and Samuel Little.

For Session 3, the North Head Technique (a modern take on seances) tried to reach Jeffrey Dahmer, Herbert Mullin, and Jim Jones.

A number of Class A EVPs were captured that indicated the team may have contacted a victim of Jeffrey Dahmer.

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