Ghosts at the Lodge | Ghost Hunting Documentary

Ghosts at the Lodge | Ghost Hunting Documentary

Our Haunted Heritage (The Paranormal Roadtrippers) went to Alexandra Lodge to capture paranormal evidence and record local history in British Columbia. Watch the documentary after the jump!

Documentary Background

The Alexandra Lodge is a historic hotel in Yale, British Columbia, Canada

The Paranormal Roadtrippers learned a great deal about the spirits that haunt the lodge as well as the Cariboo Gold Rush Trail. During the gold rush, thousands of miners came into British Columbia with ill intentions, but a war was diverted.

Alexandra Lodge may still be haunted by some of those miners. We believe 5 spirits may haunt the lodge today.

Most activity happened on the main floor and basement. The team used the Estes Method and spirit box sessions to communicate with ghosts. One member, Anthony Germain, may have been targeted by a spirit.

Ghostly Encounters

There seemed to be a ghost (or ghosts) following the lodge owner as well as the team. The spirit box and Estes Method sessions found compelling evidence, and motion detectors would activate when the responses became frightening.

One of the ghosts may have pushed one owner off a ladder, while another may have pushed on Anthony.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Used

This ghost hunt featured the following equipment:

  • Spirit box
  • Flux2
  • EMF meters

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