Ghosts at the Lighthouse | Ghost Hunting Documentary

Ghosts at the Lighthouse | Ghost Hunting Documentary

In January 2022, Our Haunted Heritage visited the lighthouse keeper’s residence at Cape Disappointment, Washington to document ghostly activity. Watch the documentary after the jump!

Documentary Background

The North Head Lighthouse sits just north of Cape Disappointment on Washington’s southwest coast.

The North Head Lighthouse has seen its fair share of tragedy. From shipwrecks to suicides, over 700 people have died along this stretch of beach since the 1850s.

Our Haunted Heritage proactively rented the lighthouse keeper’s residence to see if the haunted rumors were true, and we got some surprising results.

We used some old ghost hunting techniques with a few new twists. The most innovative is The North Head Technique, which looks like a modern day seance. It uses The Estes Method and ITC devices, like an Ovilus 5 and EMF meters, for ghosts to engage with investigators.

The team also used Ouija boards and a telegraph, which would have been familiar to the spirits in their living days. The telegraph seemed to generate a great deal of interest.

Ghosts Encountered

Most of our activity happened on the first floor. The living room came alive when we used the telegraph to send Morse code, like sailors and distressed ships would use in the past. During the telegraph session, we received 2 EVPs, and our gadgets went bonkers. An RCA tape recorder collected the EVPs. The main staircase also showed activity manifest when the Flux2 detected something pacing around it at the foot of the stairs.

We also captured EVPs during the Ouija board session. These ghost voices seemed to welcome the team to the residence.

Later in the night, we used The North Head Technique. It seemed like spirits used the ParaLight+ to send Morse code back to us, and the Ovilus 5 gave eerily accurate messages.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Used

This investigation used many gadgets. Some old. Some new. The gadgets included:

  • RCA tape recorder
  • Telegraph
  • Spirit box
  • ParaLight+
  • Paranormal Tripwire
  • Ouija board
  • H4n audio recorder
  • 2 Canon camcorders
  • Flux2
  • 360 Puck
  • Ovilus 5

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