Hotel Rodmay: Ghostly Guests | Ghost Hunting Documentary

Hotel Rodmay: Ghostly Guests | Ghost Hunting Documentary

While filming “Ghosts at the Inn,” we had the opportunity to do a ghost hunt at the Hotel Rodmay. Watch the documentary for the ghostly shenanigans.

Documentary Background

Hotel Rodmay is a historic hotel in the Townsite Heritage site in Powell River, BC, Canada

In March 2022, the Our Haunted Heritage team had the opportunity to film a ghost hunt in the Hotel Rodmay. We were able to access That Chicken Place, a restaurant with many paranormal reports from workers. Then, we headed up to 2nd floor to one of the most haunted spots in the hotel.

The restaurant has reports of Charlie, who may have been a Chinese-immigrant worker in the hotel. We interviewed one employee who said someone would compliment his rock singing in the kitchen. Other reports someone smacking a contractor’s bum, and objects being taken and placed in odd spots.

The second floor room is thought to be a young German girl that died in a fire back in the 1930s. We used the German language (Sandra, an investigator, is from Germany) to see if anyone would respond. That didn’t happen in this room, but it did on the main floor.

Possible Ghosts Encountered

In the restaurant kitchen, we may have encountered Charlie. Sandra felt someone brush by her, and something interacted with a motion detector (Flux2) while we investigated. The kitchen was difficult to investigate and film because of the loud appliances. It was a different situation in the restaurant’s dining area.

Out there, Sandra and Mike (from The Paranormal Roadtrippers) set up a Boo Buddy and ParaTune. Sandra spoke German to a potential child spirit, which set off the ParaTune. The Boo Buddy (a ghost hunting teddy bear) may have lured the girl.

Unfortunately, we didn’t capture anything in the upstairs room.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Used

This ghost hunt was lean when it came to gadgets. We did have some basics like:

  • Boo Buddy
  • ParaTune
  • Spirit box
  • MEL 8704-REM-ATDD
  • Zoom H4n audio recorder
  • Flux2

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