The Sunset Theatre in Wells, BC | Ghost Hunting Documentary

The Sunset Theatre in Wells, BC | Ghost Hunting Documentary

The opportunity to document ghostly activity at a local theatre arose in Wells, British Columbia, Canada. Watch the video for local heritage and ghostly encounters.

Paranormal Documentary Background

The Sunset Theatre in Wells, BC dates back to the gold mining days in the Canadian Rockies

Our Haunted Heritage arrived in Wells, BC to document Barkerville, a heritage site just outside town. On our first night, we got invited to the Sunset Theatre to see if something haunts its stage and projector area.

This was completely unplanned at the time, and we made the most of it.

After a historical tour and ghostly tales, we set up the cameras, grabbed the gear, and started our investigation.

Let’s just say, the ghostly performers gave us a show on the stage and box office.

Possible Ghosts Encountered

We may have encountered two ghosts: one on the stage; and, the other in the box office.

The stage ghost didn’t stray far from the piano, which is over 100-years old. You can see a gadget beep like someone is tinkling the keys on it. There’s also an indication it walked across the stage when a motion detector captured something pass it.

Over in the box office, we heard a tale about something pestering females. Our Haunted Heritage tried to replicate it and uncovered EMF anomalies. There may be some truth to the tale.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Used

Our Haunted Heritage didn’t use its full arsenal of gadgets on this investigation. This is what we used to capture ghostly activity:

  • Spirit box
  • ParaLight+
  • 360 puck
  • Paranormal Tripwire
  • Zoom H4n audio recorder
  • Canon XA11 camcorder

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