Manresa Castle Ghost Hunting Documentary

Manresa Castle Ghost Hunting Documentary

Our Haunted Heritage filmed at Manresa Castle (Port Townsend, Washington) in July 2023

Documentary Background

The Our Haunted Heritage team went to Manresa Castle to explore the reported activity found on the third floor. Jacob Rice, the producer, stayed in Room 304, which is known for its paranormal activity. Melissa Becker, a researcher, and Rachel Brevik, an investigator, rented a room across the hall.

Room 304 sits under the attic. According to urban legends, a monk committed suicide by hanging in there during the 1940s. Another legend states a woman in her 20s leapt to her death from an attic window. Neither legends has any historical records to prove them.

Another area of investigation is the former chapel. Its located above The Elephant Room bar. The chapel was sold in the early 1970s, and it was converted to a performance theater. This investigation was open-ended and exploratory because we had little historical research into the room.

Finally, the library was another exploratory investigation. We followed the evidence wherever it led.

Possible Ghosts Encountered

In Room 304, all the evidence pointed to a ghost cat. The ghost hunting equipment showed something moved across the floors and hopped up on chairs. Earlier in the day, Our Haunted Heritage interviewed the bartender at The Elephant Room, and she talked about her encounters with a phantom

Down in the chapel, we had varied responses to our questions. No single gadget dominated the evidence collection. Most responses came from Yes/No questions, but we did capture a name, Peter, from the Ovilus 5. There were significant EMF anomalies, meaning 3 or more gadgets would trigger at the same time. The spirit named Peter was a suicide victim, but he did not die at Manresa Castle. We speculate that he came to the former chapel for comfort.

The library provided many clues to whom a ghost may be in life. We collected clues when referencing Germany, Prussia, the German language, Ford Model T cars, Fort Worden, and the ghost selected the letter, F, when we asked for its name. There were 2 gadgets that collected most of the data: the Paranormal Tripwire; and, the Onvoy Ghost Box.

The one thing that stood out was the number of EMF (electromagnetic) anomalies. During our walkthrough, we didn’t detect any strange EMF around these locations, other than a few lights in the chapel. Also, fully charged gadgets would unexpectedly lose their charges. We did not collect any EVPs at Manresa Castle.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Used

For this investigation, we relied on gadgets-only. That means no psychics or mediums were used to communicate with ghosts.

  • ParaLight+
  • ParaREM Light
  • ParaLight minis
  • Tracerwire
  • Paranormal Tripwire
  • EDI+
  • Onvoy Ghost Box
  • J Portal
  • Flux2
  • 360 Puck
  • EMF/EVP/Temperature Spikes
  • Ovilus 5

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